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27 12 2009

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friday belly shot

18 12 2009

Well I think I’m officially all belly and it’s taking over my body! I’ve grown sooo much in the last few weeks, but a growing mama means a growing baby! I’m to the point that people look at me with that “awww poor thing” face, but it’s nice that people help me open doors, carry stuff to my car, etc.  Can’t beat that!

It was a rough week in the first week of the third trimester.  Still been pretty sick, but it could be worse! It could always be worse…I’m so thankful to have a healthy growing baby girl.

28 Weeks!

a different kind of christmas

17 12 2009

The Holidays have been a little different for us the last couple of years since moving 1500 miles from our families. Last year we spent Thanksgiving alone and had steak. Talk about a quiet Holiday. We were lucky enough to be able to go to OK this year for Thanksgiving, but working for a church…Christmas is never a good time for us to get away. 

My parents will taking the trip out to Cali again this year for Christmas, and B’s parents will be here the week after Christmas.  I’m so thankful for parents who care enough to make the trip out to spend Christmas with us! Although I’m sure this Christmas will be consumed with planning for Baby Girl & setting up her nursery…I’m fine with that! I am looking forward to next year and all it will bring with a little one crawling around trying to pull down the Christmas tree and being more excited about the boxes her gifts come in than her actual gifts.

The mother-in-law blogged about Christmas Traditions and wanting to start some new ones with a new generation coming. I agree!  I loved Christmas as a kid (and still do!) and always looked forward to the fun traditions with my family. I want Christmas to be a wonderful time for our kids, and start some traditions that we can pass on to our kiddos.

What are some traditions that you and your family do?

What are some things your grandparents did/do for you, or you do for your grandkids?

now accepting donations

16 12 2009

I made the mistake of going diaper bag shopping yesterday.  OOPS.  Kinda fell in love with one bag.  And…then I saw the price tag.  Bummer.

There’s no way I can talk hubby into being ok with buying me a bag that costs $90.  Although I will use it everyday for several years.

I will keep trying to convince him.  But for now let’s all look at it and say “awwww…it’s so cute!!”

I’ll keep dreaming, saving my money & thinking of ways to convince the hubby that our baby girl will sleep through the night & be the easiest baby ever if her mom has this bag!

water for me, please!

15 12 2009

Went to the doctor yesterday to check up on the baby girl. Everything is great with her!! She’s kicking away, growing and doing all the little baby things she’s supposed to be doing. So, really I have NOTHING to complain about.  

But I left VERY discouraged. I’m in my 28th week and still sick. Sunday I couldn’t keep anything down.  I’ve got miserable back pain.

Pregnancy just SUCKS for me for lack of a better word.

To top it all off, I stepped on the scale at my appointment and about had a heart attack.  I’ve gained HOW MUCH WEIGHT?!!?!? Apparently, to go along with all the other wonderful things happening to me during this pregnancy, I’m now retaining water. FUN! Luckily, my blood pressure is perfect so no real worries.  More just a really freaked out mommy-to-be.

So for the next two weeks I’m putting myself on a strict water only diet (for what I drink, of course I will still be eating food). Ok…maybe the occasional chocolate milk, afterall I AM PREGNANT! I will be trying to cut a lot of sodium out of my diet.  The only problem is, I’m no nutritionist and I have no idea what has a lot of sodium in it.  What are some good low sodium type things I can eat?

No Starbucks. No fast food. No hot pockets.

Ouch. I need to step up the exercise and push through all the pain. All for this tiny little girl. Because I know she’s worth it. More than worth it.

hello, my name is…

14 12 2009

Yes, it’s true.  Our baby girl is not just “Baby Girl”.  She has a name.

Wanna know what it is?? TOUGH. We’re keeping it a secret.

That’s right. You all have to wait 3 more months to find out!!!! HA! What a fun game this will be for us!

It is a beautiful name that we actually came up with long before we were pregnant.  We had a list of names once we found out we were pregnant, but this name always came to the top of the list.  And after months of praying, we just really felt like that is HER name. The name God picked out for her. A beautiful name.

Believe me, I can’t WAIT to share the name with you all, because that will mean she is in my arms and not in my belly!

So, give me some guesses. What do you think her name is???

It’s not Gertrude. That’s your only hint.

quick mommy survey

12 12 2009

Please help with this dilemma!!! Which is better? Which did/do you use, and which do you prefer and why? 

We have a small place, so not much room and I can’t decide which is more practical? I’ve narrowed down to these two options for where Baby Girl will lay her sleepy head until I move her to her crib, but now I just don’t know what’s best. 



Help a poor clueless mommy-to-be!